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TechCareerCatalog aims to guide students in their technology careers. We acquaint students with a list of job profiles, their scope, pre-requisite to take up that job. We also acquaint students with details of free and paid certifications offered by tech giants. We counsel students to remove their uncertainties about career options in the technology field by showing them the right path and guide them to enroll in appropriate courses. We showcase current trends and technologies booming in the market and provide online training through videos and interactive sessions.


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Counselling, Training


Career Counselling

Expert Guidance

We help students in determining their educational and career paths. We assist students to evaluate their strengths, interest and develop necessary skills. We guide them to enroll in appropriate courses to boost their technology career.

Online Training

The Path to Success

We provide online training on the latest trends in the technologies. We also design courses relevant for achieving career goals.

Project Guidance

Guidance and Training

We also provide project development guidance to undergraduate and post-graduate students.

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